Welcome Remark

The College spearheads the agrarian revolution which is the main thrust of Landmark University (LMU). Irrespective of students’ area of specialization, the College provides a platform to train all students in the University using the Farm Practice platform, and specifically expose them to profitable enterprises that can make them employers of labor and food producers.

In addition to quality research the College engages the high profile faculty in student training in the areas of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Animal Production, Crop and Soil sciences, thereby turning them into total graduates capable of engaging their immediate environment in all areas of agricultural production for maximum profitability.

The College is endowed with latest, state of art equipment, first class laboratories, experimental fields and facilities that are productively engaged in innovative research and training.

The College has a scroll of high profile faculty and staff in all her Departments where 92% of the academic staff are Ph.D holders.