Food & Nutrition

The philosophy of the programme is in consonance with the vision of Landmark University, which is to spearhead an agrarian revolution through the exploration of hidden treasures in the mother-earth, thereby providing relevant and appropriate solutions to the myriads of food insecurity in the country. The programme adopts practical and realistic approach to the solution to food processing, preservation, and utilization based upon a sound mastery of the principle of Food Science and Nutrition. This is to ensure turning out of graduates who will impact the society and environment positively and bring about the desired landmark changes in reduction of post-harvest loss, novel food development and production of nutritive and quality new food products that are readily available, affordable and accessible to the community, setting the pace for Africa. Thereby restoring the battered image of the black race and her lost glory as food basket of Africa.

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We are committed to raising young generations that will become entrepreneurs after graduation controlling the wealth of the nations that is rooted in agriculture