Message from Dean

Welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences. By visiting our website, you are walking through our “virtual front door” – and I am glad to have you partner with this great University using the College platform.

The College of Agricultural Sciences engages the students until they become fully equipped in knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and spiritual prowess to favorably withstand the competitive world market and become employers of labor in the agriculture sector.

The College offers programmes in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Animal Science, and Crop Science. Our academic programmes foster real life and experimental research understanding which embraces critical and creative tinkering leading to acquisition of rewarding skills that will in return birth agricultural practitioners.

Permit me to put it on note that our College is the spring of the University. Please join us, as we engage intentional efforts in bringing the vision to fruition.

Best wishes.

Prof. O.M Bamiro.

Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences.